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Lock Shields of Faith with Us!

Will you partner with us in prayer, by volunteering, or by making a one-time donation or recurring gift to our ministry?  

We are in our 7th year of sharing the gospel and encouraging thousands of women each year to live out their faith according to scripture!

We desire to be a high-quality and highly-affordable event that is accessible to women in all financial positions because the gospel is for everyone! In order to do this, we need people and we need money.


High-quality conferences rely on faithful prayer partners, volunteers, and influencers to spread the word. 

Highly-affordable conferences rely on financial partners to offset conference costs not covered by attendees. Also, each team member volunteers her time and pays her own way to every conference across the country. As we add more events each year, these costs add up. Sponsorships also help offset team travel costs.


Please see the different service and sponsorship opportunities below, and thank you for considering locking shields of faith with the She Will Conference!

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Service Opportunities



Prayer is the foundation of every conference and begins months before we set foot in a city.

Are you able to pray regularly under our National Prayer Director's guidance? Let us know!



Volunteers make each conference run smoothly before and during the event.

Are you able to give your time or talent to help in a variety of ways under our team's guidance? Let us know!



Influencers help spread the word about each local conference.

Are you able to commit to bringing 10 women with you to a conference? Let us know!

Financial Opportunities


Sponsor a Conference

Conference costs include advertising, print materials, venue rental, décor, all food, and more.

Are you able to give $5000 to sponsor an entire conference?


Sponsor Lunch

On average, we provide lunch for 200 attendees at $10 a head at each conference.

Are you able to give $2000 to sponsor lunch?


Sponsor a Breakfast Bar

On average, we provide breakfast for 200 attendees at $2.50 a head at each conference.

Are you able to give $500 to sponsor breakfast conference?


Sponsor a Volunteer Dinner

We show our appreciation for our volunteers in each city and pray for the conference at a simple dinner.

Are you able to give $500 to sponsor a dinner?


Sponsor a Dessert

On average, we provide dessert for 200 attendees at $1.50 a head at each conference.

Are you able to give $300 to sponsor dessert at a conference?



Of course, we humbly accept donations of any amount to help us minister to more women!

Are you able to make a monthly or one-time donation?

Thank you!

Thank you SO MUCH for your consideration!

May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He turn His face toward you and give you peace!

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