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She Will Anchor Deep is a beautiful collection of 52 heartfelt devotions that invite you to experience Jesus more deeply!

Whether you’re floating peacefully or being tossed about in a storm, we are all called to anchor deep in the Word of God by:

  • soaking in the presence of God
  • quenching our thirst by drinking Living Water
  • allowing the grace of Christ to cleanse us
  • immersing ourselves in all that God has for us


This devotional will help you do just that!


Each of the 13 authors has her own unique way of expressing her heart through biblical study, personal experiences, and vibrant personalities. They are as relatable and entertaining as they are knowledgeable about the things of God. Their transparency creates a sense of sisterhood, and they encourage women to experience forgiveness, hope, joy, and victory DAILY by anchoring deep in scripture.

Read each devotion, and, as the authors guide you through scripture, respond to God on the blank pages that follow each devotion. Journal your prayers, praises, questions, and insights. Done regularly, you will find your understanding of scripture and intimacy with Jesus will grow!

Will she anchor deep?

She Will!

She Will Anchor Deep: 52-Week Devotionals

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